Prof. Peter Langenberg, Björn Sabotke, Dr. Benedikt Döbereiner

40th Steel Construction Day 2022 | Berlin

40th Steel Construction Day 2022

40th Steel Construction Day 2022 | Berlin

We really enjoyed participating in the 40th German Steel Construction Day at the end of September. We would like to thank the organiser “bauforumstahl” for the great atmosphere and the opportunity for professional exchange. We would also like to thank the many participants who showed an interest in our work and our exhibition.


A special feature this year was our live demonstration of optical emission spectroscopy (OES). We demonstrated to the interested professional audience how it is possible to quickly and easily identify old steel (between 1870 and 1970) in the existing infrastructure. This new application of OES for old steel was developed by us together with the Technical University of Central Hessen (THM, Prof Dr Bertram Kühn and colleagues) and supported by the company Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science GmbH and successfully applied in 2 projects with the support of Deutsche Bahn AG.

If you are interested in further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Mobile Spark Emission Spectroscopy (short: OES)

The chemical composition of the steel is measured using the special UV Touch 2 probe from Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science GmbH. Depending on accessibility, up to 100 measurements per working day can be carried out with the help of the method. IWT-Solutions AG evaluates the measurement results based on extensive know-how about the special features of industrial steel production at the time of construction. As a result, an assignment to the normatively known steel grades, such as St 48 or St 34, is made. This provides the customer with important information for further planning at an early stage.

In summary, it can be stated that the new method provides a powerful and flexible process in the field of old steel remediation. It is expected that this method can be applied to steel structures in a wide range of applications such as railway and road bridges, industrial structures and hydraulic structures.

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