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To provide component safety and durability we use modern fracture mechanic approaches combined with material engineering technologies. We analyse damages and find solutions. We help in finding the best material for your requirements. We are convinced, dialog with our clients is the best way to achieve optimal results.

Cracks in steel or cast iron? We provide security and planning scope.

We can help you …

… if cracks or imperfections occur in steel and cast parts, which limit the scope of planning and safety.

Damage analysis, damage appraisals and damage control

We can help you …

… if cracks or imperfections occur in steel and cast parts, which limit the scope of planning and safety.

Cost optimisation for steel use, material optimisation

We can help you …

… if you are thinking about innovative steel use.

… if steel is the central material (cost bearer) for your products and you are looking for optimization options for use.

… if you want to improve your material specifications in-house.

In dealing with normative requirements

We can help you …

… if plates, profiles/shapes/sections, pipes etc. or welded connections do not meet normative requirements.

… if you use steels in regulated areas that are not covered by a standard approved by the building authorities (e.g. mechanical steels in steel construction).

We advise you on restructuring steel structures and life extension of steel structures

We can help you …

… if there is uncertainty about the mechanical properties, brittle fracture resistance and welding possibilities of old or historic steel structures.

… if the service life of steel structures is to be extended.

Optimized use of high-strength steels

We can help you …

… if you are looking for high-strength to ultra-high-strength steels for use in lightweight steel construction.

Retrofitting of steel structures for low-temperature applications

We can help you …

… if steel and cast iron structures need to be reinforced for lower temperatures and higher loads.

… if you are looking for steel suitable for low-temperature applications and that needs to be qualified.

Training in steel and fracture mechanics

We can help you …

… if you and your employees would like to deepen your internal know-how about steel and its various properties.

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Successful projects – Satisfied customers

Solution-oriented and strategical


In a two step solution-oriented procedure we develop concepts for safety, suitabilty for use and service life for both complex and highly stressed components.


With the first step, decisions can be made for a speedy solution.


In a second step, we use detailed analysis procedures to determine sustainable, viable and practical concepts for your problem.