Weir Structural preservation from old steel

Infrastructure renewal of roads, railways and waterways

Old steel better than its reputation

In Germany, as in other countries in the western world, the infrastructure has to be adapted to new requirements and security conditions. This means that renovations and repairs to buildings put a considerable strain on the coffers of the state and companies.

Old steels are prematurely considered unsuitable and dangerous to safety; However, intensive investigations and research by IWT-Solutions AG show that these attributions are not well founded. In work on the Rhine bridge in Leverkusen and Duisburg Neuenkamp as well as for riveted weirs and bridges, IWT-Solutions AG carried out targeted analyzes of the properties of old steels.

It turns out that old steels have a special profile of properties, which should be used as a basis, especially for repair by welding and for brittle fracture resistance. The general feasibility of dealing with old steels gives the building owner greater scope for decision-making and economical and sustainable solutions are conceivable.

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Rhine bridge Duisburg Neuenkamp, built 1966 to 1970
Weir Structural preservation from old steel
Interior view of a weir from the 1930s on the Main
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