Professional excellence on a small and large scale



With us, the practical benefits of our work for our customers can be seen, both on a small and large scale. From optimizing steel selection for a small company to fracture mechanics testing for the Berlin Olympic Stadium, many of our projects are recognized by independent experts. Because it is the project of our customers and therefore our task to bring it to a successful conclusion on time and on budget with all our competence.

Weir Structural preservation from old steel

Damage Analysis, Fatigue strength, Impact Strength, Infrastructure Project, Material analysis, Material testing, Old Steel, Violent Fracture

Fracture Mechanics, Impact Strength, Infrastructure Project, Old Steel, Special examination, Standardization

Impact Strength, Infrastructure Project, Parameter identification, Research & Development, Violent Fracture

Component Testing, Fracture Mechanics, Impact Strength, Material testing, Violent Fracture, Violent Fracture 3