Socially committed – near and far

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We support as far as possible two projects that are familiar to us, both near and far.

In the distance

Can e.V. – Children’s Aid in Namibia


We support two projects that we are familiar with, one in Africa and one in Aachen.

CAN e.V. (Children´s Aid in Namibia) supports projects in Namibia. To enlarge please click on the picture.


More about the projects and activities of Can e.V. on or follow the project or follow the project


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Café Plattform

In our city of Aachen an increasing number of people live on the street or are at risk of housing shortages. For years, the café platform has been a safe place for these people to be welcomed, to find a place to sleep, to clean themselves and to have the opportunity to do their laundry. They get a warm meal for little money and can maintain and establish contacts.