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Component Damage


Failure or damage to components can have various causes:


  • Undiscovered material imperfections
  • Extreme stress in combination with low temperatures
  • Disadvantageous material selection for corrosive influences
  • Incorrect constructive design
  • Flawed welding
  • Material embrittlement due to ageing or thermal influences
  • Material fatigue


We achieve initial results in a short time with our methodical approach and the selection of suitable examination methods from microanalysis and materials testing. We include all necessary information about the constructive design, the planned and the actual load and temperature as well as the production and quality assurance.



If you have an acute damage event and are interested in the most precise possible clarification, it is very important to secure the “crime scene” and to protect the affected components from mechanical, thermal and corrosive influences. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


Selected sample projects on component damage

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