We assess cracks in steel components using fracture mechanics method

Fracture Mechanics


Cracks or imperfections in steel components of technical installations such as bridges, pressure vessels, wind turbines, in other welded structures or cast components, can cause considerable damage, long downtimes and thus enormous consequential costs.


We at IWT-Sotutions AG have a high degree of knowledge and experience in the field of fracture mechanics. With our knowledge in this scientific field the causes for cracks and crack growth can be analyzed and the complex interaction of different load factors can be assessed. In this way, we are able to approach the decisive aspect of avoiding unstable crack growth in a targeted manner and provide short-term solutions.


In two steps, we develop in a solution-oriented procedure proofs of safety, suitability for use and service life of complex and highly stressed components. With the first step decisions for a quick solution can be made. In the second step, we use detailed analysis procedures to determine sustainable, viable and practical concepts for your problem.