Old steel


Using old steel structures for longer


For the refurbishment and upgrading of older buildings, cranes, machines and plants that were not designed for today’s loads, property analyses of the used old steel are absolutely necessary from today’s point of view, because no reliable material parameters are available for the recalculation.


A necessity for reassessment applies in particular to historical structures built from old steel from 1850 to 1945. Increasingly, this subject of assessment and appraisal is also extending to steels from the post-war period up to the 1990s of the last century.




The employees of IWT Solutions AG have over 30 years of experience in the determination of material properties of old steels. The employees of IWT-Solutions AG have over 30 years of experience in the determination of material properties of old steels. This also includes the transferability of test results from samples taken to other components in large structures.


Sampling with little damage to the component


To ensure that structures are only minimally damaged by sampling, we use the possibilities of minimally invasive sampling to produce small samples for materials testing. In addition to this procedure, in some cases there is the less costly alternative of assessing the properties without taking samples using outpatient methods.


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Drill cores from structures for materials testing
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Damage Analysis, Fatigue strength, Impact Strength, Infrastructure Project, Material analysis, Material testing, Old Steel, Violent Fracture

Fracture Mechanics, Impact Strength, Infrastructure Project, Old Steel, Special examination, Standardization