Research and Development



We are involved in industry-related research and development as well as in the standardization of steel, cast iron and cast steel products.


Our focus is on component safety and material properties. We pursue topics such as damage mechanics or the simulation of properties of cast iron products or the application of high-performance welding processes through active participation in AIF-funded university research projects.


We organize multilateral Joint Industry Projects (JIP).


As a supporting member of the FOSTA e.V. (Steel Research Application), Research Association for Welding in DVS and BdGuss e.V., we are part of a national network of research institutions.


In addition to a close partnership with RWTH Aachen University, we are in contact with many other universities.

The aim of our activities is:


rapid transfer of the latest research results into practice
Implementation of new findings in standards and guidelines
Removal of obstacles to innovation
Strengthening the competitiveness of our customers

Selected example projects

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