A special Christmas visit

Visit from Katutura Windhoek at IWT-Solutions

We, the team of IWT-Solutions, have been supporting our heart projects Café Plattform, glueck-spenden.de, in Aachen and projects of CAN e.V., canamibia.de/projekte, in faraway Namibia for several years.

A very special person, Erica Kamujama, from Katutura, Windhoek, brought us great joy at Christmas time. She made the long journey to Germany and was our guest for a week, visiting the team at IWT-Solutions AG and taking part in life in pre-Christmas Aachen.

Erica, who comes from a country where the sun shines all year round and whose fellow human beings, like many inhabitants of the global south, suffer greatly from the summer heat, very much wished to be in cool Germany at Christmas time. She organised her own trip and one day, as announced, was standing at Frankfurt airport with her suitcases. She contacted her supporters and friends all over Germany and they were happy to host her in their homes, because everyone, including us, was happy to be able to give something back. She currently lives in her own little house in Katutura with 8 other people. She shares food, sheep place and also her love for her own children and in the same way for her 41 foster children. Every visitor from far and near finds a little place in her cosy house and feels welcome and comfortable. We had a wonderful time with Erica in Namibia and she also brought a bit of Namibian warmth to Aachen. She taught us to pause for a moment, to let the clocks stop for a moment and to have faith in the moment!

We are all impressed by the strength, the self-determination and the energy of this great woman, who is achieving incredible things for many children in her country. She walks through her home country with open eyes, she sees the needs and confidently implements all her ideas to help.

Dear Erica, you are a really great person. Stay healthy and maintain your self-efficacy for yourself and for the many children in your country! We wish you all the best!

Erica Kamujama bei der IWT-Solutions AG
CAN ev. bei IWT-Solutions AG

 Erica Kamujam at IWT-Solutions AG