Demonstrate resistance to brittle fracture in existing structures

Brittle fracture resistance for the lowest operating temperatures


To prove stability or load-bearing safety, in addition to proof of strength and fatigue, brittle fracture safety for the lowest operating temperature must always be proven. The simplified method of Eurocode 3 (EN 1993-1-10) cannot be used for old steel before 1980. The state of the art is therefore the use of fracture mechanical brittle fracture detection.


This requires information about the acting loads as well as the crack toughness and strength of the steel.


The procedure is presented in guidelines such as BS7910:2019 or, more bridge-specifically, in the JRC Report Assessment of Existing Steel Structures (EUR23252:2008).


IWT-Solutions AG is actively involved in standardization.

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BS 7910 Fracture mechanics calculation test

Euro 2352 Assessment of Existing Steel Structures, assessment guidelines for old steel