H2 Damage analysis

Damage due to hydrogen influences


Damage prevention is usually achieved through the appropriate design of the component and operating conditions. However, if framework conditions change or materials are to be used for which it is unclear whether they are suitable for the intended use, we can help to carry out a new assessment of the component and operational safety.


However, if damage has already occurred, we at IWT-Solutions AG can help to find the cause and take measures to avert lasting, cost-intensive consequences.

Mikroanalytik nach Wasserstoffeinwirkung
Mikroanalytik nach Wasserstoffeinwirkung
SEM images of an intergranular fracture with signs of hydrogen exposure

Of course, this also applies to use in a hydrogen environment, where complete material failure can quickly lead to enormous infrastructure damage.


In the analysis, we are guided by VDI Guideline 3822 and its adaptation to hydrogen. With the help of partner laboratories, we have all modern analysis methods at our disposal. Analysis and interpretation are in the hands of our specialists. Of course, we provide qualified support in disputes, in court or out of court.

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Damage analysis according to VDI guideline 3822


A procedure according to VDI Guideline 3822 is also used for damage analyses under the influence of hydrogen.


The damage description as well as the inventory play a major role.


It is particularly important in our approach that we not only determine the cause of the damage, but can also point out possibilities for remedying the damage.


With the help of our partner laboratory, we have all modern methods of analysis at our disposal.