Fatigue Strength

Extending the life of steel

Fatigue strength / fatigue damage


Components can fail under permanent, alternating stress due to crack formation and subsequent crack growth. One speaks of fatigue fracture or fatigue damage.


To prevent such damage, constructive measures in component design are normally combined with quality requirements in production and with fatigue strength of materials.


If damage occurs nevertheless, we as IWT-Solutions AG help to find the cause and take measures to avert lasting cost-intensive consequences.


If cracks are noticed, for example, we can calculate how long it would be possible to continue operating components safely).


We are also happy to support you in the experimental determination of fatigue strength (Wöhler tests, fatigue strength, fracture mechanical crack growth curves, threshold values, component tests).


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Fatigue crack with forced fracture
Component test
Fatigue cracks
Component test

Selected references on fatigue strength