Ready for „H2-Ready“

Ready for „H2-Ready“

In many cases, the switch to renewable energies requires the use of hydrogen. It is clear that with this energy carrier the security of supply, especially of industry with process gas, can be ensured in a much more environmentally friendly way than before. It is now well known that the necessary transformation to a hydrogen economy is a major challenge for society in general and for industry in particular, but it is also an efficient measure to combat climate change.

Hydrogen as a topic for the future

The production, storage, transport and use of this environmentally friendly energy carrier are topics that the industry is currently dealing with intensively at all levels. This always raises the question of the H2 suitability of the materials used in the entire application chain. This is where we, IWT-Solutions-AG, come in. We find solutions for steel users that make it possible to provide proof of the suitability of steels for the hydrogen industry. To do this, we use our many years of expertise in questions of fracture safety and standardisation.

Wasserstoff Pipeline

The challenge is to develop and standardise methods adapted to the variety of applications of steel in the hydrogen economy. Against this background, we are continuously developing our component safety-oriented service portfolio to ensure that our customers’ materials and products are H2-ready. To this end, we are also actively involved in national and European standardisation on this topic.

Qualified support

To strengthen our existing team and to specifically implement necessary developments for material qualification, Mr Felix Bexter will support us with immediate effect as a transformation expert in the field of hydrogen and digitalisation*. We are pleased that we have been able to gain a qualified and at the same time experienced employee in him.

During his time as a group leader at the Institute of Ferrous Metallurgy at RWTH Aachen University, Felix Bexter acquired in-depth knowledge of pipeline infrastructure and hydrogen applications. He also convinced us with his scientific publications on the use of artificial intelligence in the field of materials research and the application of local material models for component safety prediction.

We are looking forward to the new project fields and to working with you. Welcome Felix!

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* The employment of Mr. Felix Bexter is proportionally funded by the European Union through the “Zukunftsgutscheine Rheinisches Revier” programme (EFRE-20400001).

Felix Baxter

M. Sc. Felix Bexter

Transformation Expert Hydrogen
and digitalisation